Looking to rent your flat? Do you want to move, but first you need to sell your property? At AVM we help you throughout the process of renting and selling properties, so you do not have to worry about having vacant your house, apartment or flat. We make having your property very simple, with the least intervention on your part.

Trust AVM to rent and sell your properties:

  • We give a quick response, with the first visit within three days of contacting us.
  • We take care of the whole process, from the search of the tenant / buyer to the preparation of the relevant contracts.
  • We deal with the procedures for registration and registration of the property.
  • We sell your property in the most consulted databases of Barcelona.
  • We offer financing options.
  • We maximize the sales operation.
  • The property rental service is free for the owner.

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At AVM we offer a comprehensive property rental service whereby our clients entrust their properties to us so that we can find the right tenant to occupy them. For this, we take care of selecting the best candidates and obtaining the necessary guarantees to ensure a smooth passage of the lease. Then, we make the lease and, once signed by the parties, proceed to carry out the relevant procedures for their registration and deposit of the deposit at INCASOL, at no cost to the property. That is, only the intervention of the client is necessary at the time of signing the contract; Of everything else, we take care of ourselves. What’s more, if you wish, we can even sign you on your behalf by being managers of collegiate estates, which you should not even bother about.

Our main objective is to find the right tenant for your property. To this end we use the most advanced computer tools, which allow us to offer virtual visits to real estate, and we have access to the most consulted real estate portals at national level, which guarantees the fast and safe occupation of the property.

In addition, as a law firm, we also include in our service the preparation of the lease and we are available to our clients to provide legal advice for any matter related to the property.

Our rental service for flats, premises, houses or apartments includes:

  • Visit the property and obtain photographs for publication.
  • Publication of the advertisement on the most consulted real estate portals nationwide.
  • Search for candidates.
  • Virtual exhibition of the building to the candidates.
  • Analysis of solvency of potential tenants through payroll and guarantors.
  • Drafting of the lease.
  • Registration of the contract and deposit of the deposit in INCASOL.
  • Legal advice.


You can access our extensive property rental service at no cost to you, as our services are charged to the tenant. Our fees consist of one (1) month’s rent, which must be paid by the tenant, and in addition the tenant must pay one (1) month’s rent as a deposit and the first month’s rent in advance.

The month of deposit is an amount paid by the tenant and that we deposit in INCASOL as a guarantee of compliance with the obligations of the tenant. In case of complying with the agreement, at the end of the lease is returned; On the contrary, in case of non-compliance, the amount of the deposit shall belong to the owner.

After carrying out the solvency study of the tenant, if this yields optimal results, we proceed to the immediate preparation of the lease to begin with the lease.


Taking as an example that a landlord rents his apartment for 1000 euros, the costs would be distributed as follows:



First month of rent in advance


1000 Euros

One monthly fee

1000 Euros

One monthly deposit

1000 Euros


3000 Euros

As a special promotion, if after hiring a tenant you hire our rental management service, we will give you a 10% reduction in the price of the service during the first year of hiring.

Do not hesitate to consult us for our property rental service. Our representatives are available 24 hours to answer your queries, and we offer visits without charge or commitment to your address.

In the area of properties, we offer the service of sale of real estate, by which we commit to market and sell your house or apartment, looking for serious buyers and keeping in mind the goal of achieving the highest possible sale price.

In order to achieve the fast and secure promotion of your property, we use our extensive network of real estate services that connects to the same database using more than 40 real estate brokers. Thanks to this we can speed up the sale of your property, as it will not only have us, but will have the most important real estate companies in Barcelona working to sell their property. In addition, we have tools of the highest technology that allow us to offer to the candidates a virtual visit of the property, to avoid pestering the people who inhabit it.

As an additional benefit included in our service, we prepare and provide the necessary financing for the sale of the property, through an agreement signed with a lender. The objective of this service is to maximize the sales operation.

In addition, as a law firm, we provide advice on any matter relating to property, such as its impact on income when taxing the sale year, and we manage the processing of the deeds and the calculation of the income tax. Surplus value, among other services.

Our service of sale of flats or houses includes:

  • Search for solvent buyers.
  • Virtual exhibition of the property to the candidates
  • Writing of deeds
  • Calculation of surplus value
  • Legal advice
  • Notary



Our fees for this integral property sales service consist of 3% of the commission of the sale, which the owner pays in two instances:

  • 50% at the time of signature of the contract of deposit.
  • The remaining 50% at the time of signing the deed.

In addition to our fees, the owner must pay the municipal capital tax, also known as Tax on the Increase of value of urban land (IIVTNU), which is established based on the cadastral value. This tax is levied on the increase in the value of urban real estate that is manifested as a consequence of the transfer of ownership by any title.


The buyer is responsible for payment of the following amounts at the time of purchase:

  • The total value of the property, payable to the seller.
  • The fees of the notary, which usually hover around 600 euros; If desired, the buyer may bring the transaction to his own notary.
  • The tax on property transfers, which is equivalent to 10% of the total value of the property.

Do not hesitate to consult us for our property sales service. Our representatives are available 24 hours to attend your queries, and we offer visits without charge or commitment to your address.

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