At AVM we offer several essential business and self-management services for which we carry out all your administration from our firm, without having to go to any other supplier.

Our firm has professionals specially trained to provide services related to business management: accounting, payroll, tax and fiscal/accounting management. In this way, we help manage and grow your business, whether it is a self-employed entrepreneur or an SME.

In addition, as we are aware of how important it is for a company to save time and money, we offer the option of hiring a comprehensive service that includes in a single pack all the services that you can hire separately. In this way, it concentrates all its business activity in us and it reduces the time of the tasks and the factor of error, at the same time that it saves money that can invest in developing his company.

Benefits of hiring our service

All services in one place

Whether you hire our comprehensive service savings package or our individual services, you will have our team of experts available to handle all the tasks and paperwork without having to look for any other supplier.

Flat Rate

You will contract a comprehensive service for a single fee that will include all the tasks necessary for your business management without additional costs or surprises in billing.

No minimum contract period

You can hire our services for as long as you want and cancel at any time.

Custom Advice

We assign a representative that will take care exclusively of your company, and you will be able to communicate with him directly to make any inquiry that arises.

We have at the disposal of our clients a team of accounting experts who will give usefulness to their transactions as a freelancer, or the data of their company or society, so that it obtains the greater profitability possible. At AVM you will find an office in which to entrust the administrative areas of your business so that you do not have to worry about anything other than managing your client portfolio. Our goal is to provide adequate and efficient business management.

Below you will find the price list of our accounting service for companies and freelancers.

Number of book entries *Flat rate**
Up to 1000€ 100,00
From 1001 to 2000€ 180,00
From 2001 to 3000€ 270,00
From 3001 to 4000€ 400,00
More than 4000Ask

* As a reference, 1000 accounting entries are equivalent to having 2 employees.

** Prices without VAT.

The payroll of a company or an independent professional in the sum of all the salary records of its employees. This important factor for entrepreneurs influences the various factors, such as the income of a company. In addition, it must comply with the provisions of the law regarding its preparation and liquidation. In AVM we offer the service of management of payroll of employees, so that it is realized in time and form, without you have to worry about to make any process.

Below you will find the price list of our payroll management service for companies and freelancers:

Quantity of employeesFlat rate*
Up to 5€ 100,00
Up to 10€ 180,00
Up to 15€ 270,00
Up to 20€ 400,00
More than 20Ask

* Prices without VAT.

This service includes the following tasks related to payroll:

Contract management: We offer everything related to employment contracts, from advice on what type of employment contract is the most appropriate (temporary, indefinite, full time, part time, etc.), to writing and communication Of the labor contract and its corresponding extensions. We also carry out the conversion of a temporary work contract to one for an indefinite period, and we take care of the drafting of annexes to the contract required by virtue of modifications made to the working conditions.

Social Security: We take care of all the procedures before the Social Security, which includes the writing and presentation of all documentation corresponding to the hiring and removal of employees, and registration of the company and work centers before the social security and authority Competent labor market.

Employee registrations: We are responsible for the drafting and presentation of documentation relevant to the registration of employees before the regulatory body.

Settlement of salaries: We take care of the procedures related to the settlement of salaries, from the calculation of salary sheets and the monthly summary to the preparation and presentation of salary receipts, the calculation of salary costs of the workers following the instructions Of the company and in accordance with the stipulated in the applicable collective agreement.

Final settlement: We make the final settlement corresponding to the employees in case of dismissal, which includes the calculation of the balance of salaries, holidays and other benefits of the employee.

Tax/Accounting management

All entrepreneurs know that it is extremely important to keep up with tax obligations. As business management requires good management of tax issues, AVM helps our clients meet their tax obligations and advise them to avoid the occurrence of tax contingencies. We have a large team of professionals specialized in tax matters that will help you efficiently manage your taxes and, as much as possible, reduce them to a minimum.

Among our main areas of fiscal management is the Corporate Tax. This tax, which is proportional, periodic, and direct, taxes the income of companies, among other legal entities. It is a complex tax that requires experience and training in the field in order to comply adequately with what is required by law. That is why you will have at your disposal an associate specializing in this tax that will give you all the advice that your company needs and will carry out all the procedures relevant to the fulfillment of this important tax obligation.

Both the self-employed and the companies must comply with their tax obligations. The only difference between the two legal forms lies in the type of taxes to be paid by one or the other. The following is a descriptive table explaining the types of taxes levied on each:

Type of tax / Legal formSelf-employedBusiness
VAT: Value Added Tax

It is a tax on consumption. The normal rate in Spain is currently 21%, but there are also reduced rates of 10% and 4%. Although consumers are the ones who pay VAT, it is the companies and the self-employed that are responsible for making the payment to the Treasury.

Income statement

The declaration of income is an obligation that falls on all residents of Spain. By means of this means, it is studied whether, depending on the income obtained during the previous year, the IRPF should be paid. Another possibility is that it is the tax authorities that must return a certain sum to the declarant, due to an excess in the retentions applied, such as withholdings in the payroll, benefits and deductions by mortgages, among other possibilities.

IRPF: Income tax for individuals

The IRPF is a tax paid by all residents of Spain. It is a progressive tax, which means that the more money a person earns, the greater the percentage for which he taxes for this tax.

Corporate income tax and annual accounts

This tax, which is of a proportional, periodic and direct nature, taxes the income (ie profits) of companies, among other legal entities. For the calculation of this important and complex tax, the annual accounts of the companies are taken, which are an important administrative document that reflects their financial statements and allows a company to keep a precise record of their economic situation during the year that closes And better plan the one that begins.

Payment to companies

Companies and companies can make payments on account of the amount to be paid in the next declaration of the model 200 scheduled for the following year. This can be done by respondents who have had a positive result in the latest corporate tax form 200 and periodically submit the model 202.


*The IRPF does not always tax societies. To determine if a company is taxed by the IRPF or the Corporation Tax, the following rules will apply:

– If all the members of the entity are taxable persons of the Corporation Tax, the society will tax for this one.

– If among the members or partners there is at least one natural person, the company will be taxed by the IRPF.

Below you will find the price list for AVM services of fiscal / accounting management for companies and freelancers. This service includes the following steps:

Corporate Taxes

  • Annual accounts
  • VAT + Annual summary
  • IRPF Withholdings
  • Payments to companies account
Quantity of employees* 


Unipersonal€ 39
From 2 to 5€ 100,00€ 100,00
From 6 to 10€ 180,00€ 180,00
From 11 to 15€ 270,00€ 270,00
From 16 to 20€ 400,00€ 400,00
More than 20Ask

Trust our team of experts to carry out the constitution of your society. This procedure is fundamental to guarantee a normal development of its branch or activity, since any error or omission could result in the nullity of the registration. In order to avoid this, in AVM we offer a comprehensive service to those who seek to form a society.

Before undertaking the incorporation of the company, it is necessary to choose the corporate form that is most appropriate for your business. For this, a comprehensive analysis of the business needs of the client is carried out, taking into account several factors, such as their profession or area of specialization, the number of people who will integrate it, initial capital, etc. Once this stage has been completed, all the procedures necessary for the incorporation of the company are carried out, from the writing of the bylaws to their registration in the corresponding register.

At AVM, you will have at your disposal a team of lawyers and collaborating consultants who will carry out all the necessary procedures to form your company. These tasks include all the steps and procedures before the Mercantile Registry, Notary and Treasury, namely:

  • Writing Statutes
  • Application for the social denomination
  • Preparation and award of the Deed of Constitution
  • Registration of the Deed in the Mercantile Registry
  • Obtaining the C.I.F. Card.
  • Payment of the Tax on Corporate Operations.
  • Patent and Trademark Office.
ConstitutionFlat rate
Self Employed€ 49,00
Limited society€ 599,00
Private Civil Society€ 99,00
Other CompaniesAsk

As a special promotion, if in addition to hiring the incorporation of companies, contract the integral service of associated management, you will receive the following benefits:

–       If you are self-employed and contract the integral service of management for the self-employed throughout the year, we offer you the registration of your company for FREE.

–       If you need to register a limited company and contract our full service business management throughout the year, you will automatically receive a 20% bonus on fees.

–       If you are a private civil society and contract our integral service of management throughout the year, you will get a 30% discount on the fees.

At AVM we accompany and advise our clients on all kinds of issues related to their companies or companies throughout its existence. This includes the moment of dissolution, which can occur for several reasons, namely:

– Dissolution by mutual agreement.

– Dissolution by right.

– Dissolution for legal reasons (impossibility of carrying out the social purpose, suspension of the corporate bodies, serious or total loss of capital, depletion or disappearance of the corporate purpose, reduction of capital below legal minimums, etc.).

– Etc.

Regardless of the reason for the dissolution, at a later stage the liquidation of the company must be carried out. It is a complex and tedious process that requires the experience and the right knowledge to carry out it according to the law. That is why we have a team of lawyers experts in the field of corporate law, specialized in the dissolution of companies that will advise you on this and will carry out all the necessary procedures to settle the accounts and terminate the business relationship.

We offer this service of dissolution and liquidation of companies from € 600.00.

Integral Service for Companies/Self-Employed

At AVM we believe that saving time and money is fundamental for the optimal development of the business of a company or an autonomous. For this reason, we offer our clients the possibility of hiring all the necessary services for the management of their businesses in one place. Thus, they should not take the time to look for a long list of professionals who are responsible for each task, since at AVM we have experts in all areas relevant to business administration, nor should they worry about using the various documents that These prepare.

In addition to the management services that you can hire separately, whether as a company or self-employed, we have a service that even more beneficial to our clients: our comprehensive service, which covers all tasks related to management for a flat rate only.

With this pack, you will not only save time by having all the services in one place, but you will benefit from significant savings. By contracting this service, we will handle all the tasks related to Accounting + Payroll + Taxes for 50% less than what you would pay by contracting these same services separately, either with AVM or with other suppliers.

Below you will find the price list of our integral service for companies/self-employed:

Quantity of employeesTarifa Plana*
Self-Employed (1)€ 39,00
Up to 5€ 100,00
Up to 10€ 180,00
Up to 15€ 270,00
Up to 20€ 400,00


More than 20Ask


* Prices without VAT. This price does not include the constitution or dissolution of companies. If required, these services must be contracted separately.

In addition, you will have access to the following benefits:

– If you are self-employed and hire the integral management service for self-employed throughout the year, we offer you the registration of your company for FREE.

– If you need to register a limited company and contract our full service business management throughout the year, you will automatically receive a 20% bonus on fees.

– If you are a private civil society and hire our integral management service throughout the year, you will get a 30% discount on the fees.

In recognition of our loyal customers, we offer the following special promotion: By hiring our full management service for limited partnerships or private civil partnerships for a whole year, you will automatically receive a 10% discount for the following year on the value of the fees Of the contracted service.

In addition, under our Referral Plan, if you recommend us to another company, we will give you an additional 10% in the second year of the contract. This discount will be valid only for one (1) year and will be cumulative with other promotions.

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