We offer a wide service in the matter of personal affairs management, by which we take care of the tasks and the personal procedures required by law. The daily life of natural persons often requires complying with certain legal or fiscal obligations that can be complicated or simply boring for the must-do. That is why we provide this service to our customers; In this way, we take care of the cumbersome and complicated procedures, and you can dedicate yourself to what you want without losing your time in having to deal with them.

Hacienda Inspection

ncludes legal advice covering everything from how to respond to notifications and inspections of farm to what documentation to submit.

At AVM we have assembled a large team of lawyers specialized in tax inspections so that you are safe and calm in the face of situations that are often technically complex but do not have to be worrisome if you have legal support necessary.

The receipt of a notice of initiation of investigations of Treasury usually requires the hiring of an expert in the area. That is why we recommend you go ahead and count on us before receiving such notice. Our office can help you have all your tax documents in order so you do not have to worry about receiving a letter from the Hacienda.


Our comprehensive service for property inspections has a value that starts at 600 euros + VAT and includes the following:

  • Advice on how to proceed before an inspection.
  • Preparation of the documentation to be submitted.
  • Representation during the entire inspection period.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our team with more than twenty years of experience in Tax Law is available to resolve any doubts that may arise.

Obtaining Certificates

Do you need to complete a paperwork, but do you need to present a certificate?

Do not worry about wasting time rooting for documents. At AVM we take care of obtaining all kinds of certificates, so you can use your time to do what you want.

Our associates are mobilized and they gather all the necessary documentation to carry out the process of request of corresponding certificate. They then go to the agency or agency responsible for issuing the document and submit the application on their behalf. Finally, they proceed to withdraw them and send them to their home. Thanks to our office, the cumbersome procedures will be a thing of the past.

Among the certificates we can request for you are the following:

  • Birth
  • Death
  • Marriage
  • Latest wishes


  1. The client communicates with us by the means that best suits you (phone, mail, in person) to inform us what kind of certificate you want us to process.
  2. Payment of our service in a bank account.
  3. Once the money is credited, we process the certificate by the means required by the issuing agency (in person or online).
  4. Wait 3 days.
  5. Delivery of the certificate in your home or office, depending on the contracted service.


The cost of this convenient service varies according to the type of certificate requested, but the procedure is the same for all, therefore, you will be able to obtain the certificates that you need to have to worry about performing any procedure.

  • Certificates of birth, marriage and death: 10 euros + VAT per certificate. This fee includes sending the certificate to the address you indicate.
  • Certificates of last will (copy of will): these certificates take 72 hours to be issued and have a cost of 20 euros + VAT per certificate, in case you remove it by our office. If you want to be delivered to your home, the value of the service is 25 euros + VAT per certificate.

Ask us for other certificates you need and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions. Our team is available to resolve any questions you may have.

Inheritance Management

At AVM we offer a comprehensive inheritance management service. Our expert team consists of attorneys and economists specializing in inheritance law and inheritance management at your complete disposal to advise you on legal, tax and legal issues related to the claim, partition and acceptance of inheritances, and inheritance taxes.

In order to provide you with a professional and quality service, the experts who make up our Inheritance Department will look for the best way to advise you on inheritance lawsuits, as well as propose a study of the cost savings of the Receipt of the inheritance.


Our rate includes:

  • Notary.
  • Property registration.
  • Processing of the inheritance for one (1) dwelling.

Check our rates for estates with more than one home.

Our service also includes advice regarding the following issues:

  • Inheritance tax advice
  • Preparation of wills
  • Inheritance claim
  • Partition of inheritances
  • Acceptances of inheritance.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our team is available to resolve any questions you may have.

Tax return

We have a team of tax accounting experts who will advise you when you have to make your presentation before the tax authorities. Our goal is to make sure you gather all the necessary documents for the presentation, so you should not worry about anything when you need to file your tax return. As part of our service, we offer advice on income tax and municipal capital gains.

Declaraciones de renta

We have a team of experts specializing in the presentation of Income Statements. With this service we seek to provide you with the maximum possible tax advantages for you to benefit from all the deductions contemplated by the law.

The time of the year of having to make income tax returns is not usually a long awaited moment. It requires gathering information about acquisitions, expenses, profits, writing the statement itself and submitting it. As part of our service we offer both the writing of the declaration and the revision of the draft of the finances that you write, to ensure that there are no errors or omissions before their due presentation to the Treasury.

In addition, we offer comprehensive advice on all issues related to deductions, statements of income from previous years that have not been presented and many more.


You can have access to this useful service for a value of 45 euros + VAT and stay calm with respect to your obligations to the tax authorities. This service includes:

  • Comprehensive advice on deductions, refunds and income statements from previous years.
  • Obtaining the necessary documentation for the declaration.
  • Writing the statement itself.
  • Review of the draft of the finances you write.
  • Presentation of the declaration before the treasury.
  • Plusvalía Municipal

When a person sells a real estate, in addition to paying the real estate and other fees, he is subject to the payment of the municipal capital tax, also known as Tax on the Increase of value of urban land (IIVTNU), which is Based on the cadastral value. This tax is levied on the increase in the value of urban real estate that is manifested as a consequence of the transfer of ownership by any title.


At AVM we offer advice on this tax. The value of this convenient service is 30 euros + VAT and includes both the presentation of the relevant documentation and the realization of the corresponding payment.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our team is available to resolve any questions you may have.

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We provide advice on claiming debts of all kinds and provide representation in the processes corresponding to your recovery. We take care of initiating the judicial and extrajudicial actions necessary to proceed with the collection of the debt and, in the event that the debtor is insolvent, we will periodically request that the Court make all the relevant patrimonial investigations to determine if its solvency has changed.

We offer this comprehensive service of debt collection for the most competitive price in the market, which is agreed with the client at the time of the initial consultation.

Legal advice

We have a great team of expert lawyers, who put at your disposal their broad knowledge in all matters of law. In this way, we are able to provide you with legal advice for all the questions you need to solve, whether you have general inquiries or specific problems that require the attention of a professional.

We offer consultations without a time limit for a value of 60 euros + VAT, in which you can evacuate all the doubts you have and present your case for us to evaluate. In addition, in case of contracting any of our services, the amount of the consultation will be taken as part of payment for the service you contract, which, in that case the visit will be free.


Antonio Villoro Murciano is already a Registration Authority Operator Level 2

The Operator ARR diploma officially accredits Mr. Antonio Villoro Murciano to intervene in identification and evaluation processes, in the preparation and issuance of identification certificates, and in the delivery of electronic electronic signature devices.

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