Antonio Villoro Murciano, S.L, is a layer buffet in Barcelona specializing in general legal advice and property administration, both in vertical properties (rentals) and in horizontal properties (building communities).

Our scope of legal action extends to all disciplines of law, civil, mercantile, family, criminal, minor and social. With a very high degree of specialization by the holder in civil law, vertical and horizontal property.

In the field of estate management we proceed to manage real estate assets under a rental system, such as neighborhood communities.

The profile of our clients is very wide and varied, mostly locally. However, they all have a common denominator; They look for a service of quality, near and personalized.

The creation of the firm AVM, SL after several years of operation, was promoted by its proprietor Antonio Villoro Murciano after more than 25 years in a multidisciplinary corporation, in which the basic principles of the signature could not be offered, as we have Said, quality, proximity and personalized and direct treatment.

Being so essential the time in our current society, our law firm is committed to dedicate to its legal or patrimonial management, the time and study that is necessary to optimize it and to manage it with the greater solvency before any court or instance.

Our Team

Antonio Villoro Murciano

Lawyer - Property Agent

Antonio Llanas

Commercial Director - GIPE

Lluïsa Nualart

Dept. Accounting

Marta Monfort

Account Manager

Joaquin Ferreres

Gestor de Cuentas

Laia Villegas

Customer Care

Antonio Serrano Martínez

Criminal lawyer

Juan Navio

External Auditor

Mireia Crusells

Labor Lawyer

Collaborating companies



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Perito Judicial
Agente Inmobiliario
Administrador Fincas Colegiado
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